Find Your Super Power, Neutralize Your Kryptonite

Audira offers professional certified coaching for leaders seeking change, development and growth. 

  • Executive Coaching - Leveraging your individual objectives along with your organization's needs, Audira combines a personalized approach with a systematic methodology to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Career Coaching - Whether you are seeking the next step or your next career, Audira starts by helping you identify your North Star. With a powerful professional network along with extensive experience in coaching people in transition, Audira will get you to where you want to go.


Collaborate, Communicate, Create

From fostering collaboration to brainstorming the next disruptive innovation, Audira helps teams listen and achieve.

  • Team Building &  Collaboration - Breaking down silos, encouraging honest & open communication, and strengthening relationships: these are the foundations of powerful collaboration. Audira guides teams to strengthen their listening skills in order to achieve objectives faster and more efficiently.

  • Ideation Brainstorms - What if? Why not? Powerful questions enable teams to find their Blue Ocean disruption. Audira loves asking, exploring and accomplishing the previously unthinkable.

  • Workshops - It always starts with listening. Make it more interesting with music! Audira has music-themed Audira Labs to help your team re-set, energize, and align. We have common themes we work with, but all workshops are customized for your team. Learn more.


Chart Your Organization's Path

Audira helps your organization clarify its end-goal and provide a systematic framework to ensure everyone reaches it successfully.

  • Balanced Scorecard Methodology - From clarifying Mission, Vision & Values to creating Financial, Customer & Organizational metrics, Audira leverages a proven methodology to ensure success.

  • Multi-Year Planning - Whether your horizon is one year, five years or ten, Audira has extensive experience in both short and long-term strategic planning. Different from most consultants, we also have expertise in ensuring comprehensive, multi-divisional perspective and alignment.  

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