Aligned, Accountable, and Collaborative


Drawing on the principles of music and the fundamentals of leadership, Audira Labs supercharge productivity by leveraging a fundamental truth: All the information and insight we need to overcome our most pressing business challenges is available to us. We simply have to tune into it, absorb it and unleash it. 


Through highly experiential exercises that inspire collaboration, cultivate accountability, and align individual performance with organizational purpose, Audira Labs harness your power to listen – and unleash your power to lead.

Audira Labs are customized to meet your specific team and leadership goals. Contact us today to find out more.


Audira Labs are customized to meet your specific team and leadership goals. Contact us today to find out more, but here are some sample workshops based on several key principles clients report struggling with.

Find Your Groove: Getting Your Team Into Alignment

Some teams are hobbled from the start. Members don’t understand their roles and responsibilities. They argue over priorities. And without a shared mission, they spin off in different directions, creating inefficiency, confusion and mistrust. You can have a team full of superstars, and each can be working to his or her potential, but if they’re not in harmony, the effort’s wasted. So how do you bring your team into alignment? This Audira Lab activates the insights and techniques of music producers, band leaders and conductors to re-tune even the most dysfunctional team. Engaging, highly experiential exercises provide leaders and team members alike a suite of actionable tools to channel their skills and synchronize their talents in pursuit of a common goal. The tune may not be discernible to all initially, but in short order you’ll find your team in a powerful multi-part harmony.

Get to the Gig On-Time: How to Build a Culture of Accountability

Accountability is essential to every successful group endeavor, and a wide spectrum of organizations have cultivated effective strategies to achieve it. You wouldn’t think bands would be among them. After all, some of the greatest flameouts in musical history have resulted from their members going wildly off the rails. But for every dysfunctional musical group, a hundred others have cracked the code for establishing and maintaining roles and responsibilities. That’s because interdependence is the hallmark of every successful band. This Audira Lab introduces actionable strategies to achieve accountability through a series of music-based exercises that are as memorable as they are entertaining. From powerhouse rock anthems to soul-baring ballads, you’ll never again hear a song without reflecting on all that comes together to make music happen and how that related to your next project.

Peace, Love & Harmony: Collaborate to Create

What happens when you assemble a team of star performers and their most notable achievement is the level of conflict, arguing and dysfunction that they stir up? This kind of discord – an absolute inability to sync skills, talents and personalities in pursuit of a shared objective – can derail even the most thoughtful strategies. The good news is that unhealthy group dynamics  can be diagnosed and worked through. Whether stemming from a failure to listen, a lack of focus, or misdirected leadership, we can get you back into harmony. This Audira Lab leverages specific exercises, techniques and examples of how performers (teams) and, producers (leaders) can work together to turn fledgling bands into supergroups by showing you how to learn to trust each other, allowing each instrument to shine, while creating an anthem that none of you could have created on your own.



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